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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Aim Mail

I was just chekin out AOL`s mail offering n believe me its pretty good. 2GB and max attachment size is 16MB more than what most of the biggies have to offer

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Being a doktor has less incentives now

doktors kant feel of breasts now, thnx to this

The problem is Change

Stephen Spencer points out, n very rightly infact, that one should not provide for a direkt link to ur RSS feeds. what if yew switched services, all subskribers would have to update der subskriptions. i think the point is applikable to almost all kases. it is an old age funda of loose koupling.
anyway, if ur konvinced then yew kan find some solutions to the problem here.

Yahoo Mail Overhaul

As a direkt konsequence of its aquisition of oddPost, yahoo is going to upgrade its eMail offerings with features like drag n drop mails, RSS subskription facilities, etc.

Was it GooD for Yew ???


Monday, June 27, 2005

Bookmarks as a Measure

A link popularity method of indexing web pages is supposed to be about votes for "important" pages on the web. But there's one set of votes that this type of measurement misses, which may be an even greater measure of the importance of sites - bookmarks. Important, at least, to the people visiting those pages.
GoD. these ppl have all the good ideas. outlined here is a new patent which promises to improve search results even further

Struktured Bloggin

Definitely an excellant attempt early on. but too immature a state. only wordPress plugins available

Kusomizable keyboards

Finally gamers have there say.
kustomizable keyborads are here

Behold, IE7 is here


Friday, June 24, 2005

Pik Support

Finally blogger adds pik hostin support.


For all those tired of feeling guilty on not paying attention while opening linx on diskoverin them to be pdfs, relax. foxIt is here. n it promises to revolutionize that. (lol. that was a bit too much). if yew still wanna use adobe chek this out to imrove its performance.
btw ie7 is to be revealed tomm.

This is UI Design

this is what i kall UI design.
chek out the mousekamp. i skored 5900. intermediate.
n the explore sektion too. breathtakin.
but yeah, dontKlik

MSN Search

msn is my new fav search engine.
yew ask why? chk this

Nerds do it Online

the sexiest thong ever.
nerds do it online.
Da Perfekt turnOns

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

GooGle use Kases


GooGle <--> Umbrella Korporation

remmember Umbrella Korporation frm resident Evil. GooGle seems to be the only worthy probable with kourts ruling against google-ignorant defendants guilty .

Bennett, Coleman sux

Bennett, Coleman owner of timesofIndia, timesjobs n indiatimes (all of which are pathetik sites) suk. as a point to proove heres how yew kan access the past virutal job fairs.
im pretty sure given a day i kould do much more. lol

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Kode Talking

Steve hebert provides some insight into a major problem team leaders face when koding in teams, that of kode ownership issues, and the central point of failure situation it might kreate. he then presents kode talkin n its more formal manifestation 'pair programing' s a probable solution. 'kode talkin' is an informal process through which fellow developers kan imporve there kode by diskussin the various problems they face and approaches they follow. i would be a real strong supportter of something as such, in one of the HR interviews i was asked,
given a chance what process or koncept would i like to borrow from akadamix to bring into the korportate world.

n i said
that would definitely be ko-learning

RSS still not supported widely

Stephen Spencer has an xcellant post on how the best search engines still donot support RSS search. as per his observations none of the top 4 (google, yahoo, msn, askJeeves) live upto the mark (kaching, indexing, non-linked keyword searching, etc.), mikrosoft being the furtherest down the line.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Java`s Bak

In a startling (for moi) revelation O`Reilly has revealed that java is bak on D trak. i always thought that the ease with which one can use .Net will always push it a mile forward. but fortunately coz of the likes of ajax, lucene, spring, struts, etc. java`s bak.

More Wikis

Wikis are now forging into yet another business. publikations. in a much hyped move LA Times have introduced wikis for social publishing. i must agree that without a strukture for an artikle it would be diffikult to involve people into putting there heart n souls to do the requisite for the wiki to bekome a wiki persay. wikis kan more or less do well as a subbing job (rechekin on faktual citations, spellings n stuff like that)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Never Say Never Die

Amazon`s A9 service rised in the popularity charts at a good rate coz of the innovative features offered; one of them being the 2D piks of the streets available.
Now GooGle is set to offer something better (anything new??) . guess what?? yeah, 3D pix

yahoooo YAHOO

i was just lookin at my referals and after a long time my blog(the old one) has kome back in the top ten slot on a querry as generik as 'oop concepts'. yahoooo.


First there were feed aggregators. now theres something better. rMail is a RSS to SMPT tool. whicch means that all those who belong to the school of centralized information are going to luv it. more here

Mergers n Acquisitions

GooGle`s M n A group has become very active post IPO. n keeping up with the spirit kuro5hin has an artikle on the next possible GooGle buyouts.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Good News for bloggers, Better for Nerds/ GeeX

Blogs kan boost ur kareer!!!
Why geex n nerds are worth it!!! (im not sure about #14)
Nerds make better luvers!!!

via Emily

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Software Labor Unions

TekNewsWorld has a sexy artikle on the worlds strongest labor union. basikally the organization would konsist of linux supporters n the open source initiatives sarrounding it. in all this organization would meet three (kritikal mass, organization n power) of the four (leadership being the fourth) essential requirements of being a strong labor union. a must read.

Blogs n Social Software

as per my experience. there are 2 kinds of blogs.
  1. the first are the weB-LOGS. the personal pages of hundreds n thousands of teen aged gurls updating her friends about new happenings in life.
  2. the sekond n more important ones are the blogs. supposedly the veteran among the new generation of social s/ws. with korportes taking to blogging in a big way n publishing blog guidelines it is about time to start talking about blog mining. however the relevant question is whether such mining kan really do the job.
text miming has really not delivered the promised goods n i doubt the same blog mining would yield the same results.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The universal translator

teknikally, a perfekt universal translator is impossible. this is bekause of teh difference in the richness of the various different languages. having said that, here is someone bent on doing the impossible. at the google faktory tour they unvieled the google translator. auto-translation b/w various languages is undoubtedly a tough job. whats intresting is
This is the Rosetta Stone approach of translation. Let’s take a simple example: if a book is titled “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” in English, and the German title is “Also sprach Zarathustra”, the system can begin to understand that “thus spoke” can be translated with “also sprach”. (This approach would even work for metaphors – surely, Google researchers will take the longest available phrase which has high statistical matches across different works.) All it needs is someone to feed the system the two books and to teach it the two are translations from language A to language B, and the translator can create what Franz Och called a “language model.” I suspect it’s crucial that the body of text is immensely large, or else the system in its task of translating would stumble upon too many unlearned phrases. Google used the United Nations Documents to train their machine, and all in all fed 200 billion words. This is brute force AI, if you want – it works on statistical learning theory only and has not much real “understanding” of anything but patterns.

the brute AI approach had its diffikulties in finding training korpuses large enough required for kommercial quality results. but as ever(first with search, then gMail) GooGle changes the bottleneks.

Password Advice frm shodZ

  1. donot mix upper n lower kase
  2. avoid numerik n special karakters
  3. diktionary words are preferable
  4. keep then small n simple
wierd right?
read more here.

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