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Monday, May 30, 2005

A 'Dirty Lil Cekret'

LongHorn aint goin to be based on .Net
dirty? yeah
lil? ya be the judge

Traditional vs Non-Traditional

the first wave was the news that the kombined add revenues of yahoo n google rival that of traditional media like TV and newspapers.
this kan be kalled the sekond wave. a phone ring tone is set to top the uk singles chart. more on textually

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Kill all Evil

with GooGle always promoting the Do No Evil ideology, n thus gaining staunch supporters among the developer kommunity, Mikrosoft has decided to kome out with its own Kill all Evil stratergy. and as a first step (babby step, one hopes) they have launched Smart Network Data Services which would basikally help ISPs in their antiSpam operations. bol Mr. Gates.

Switch to Maks?

well, the news is that some shit head (Schwartau - supposedly a national level sekurity expert) switched all his office komps frm Pcs to Maks. what is more intresting part is the direkt konciquence.
The Macintosh community, always on the lookout for good news about Apple Computer and its products, started a flood of reaction. Schwartau's blog tracked 9,000 visitors Wednesday, 40,000 Thursday and 12,000 by midafternoon Friday. In a month, it usually gets 4,000 visitors.

61K visitors in 3 days!!! GoD!! i remmember being satisfied with 8 regular visitors a day (my prev blog. i better not talk about this one). i need help.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Want More GooGle Juice?

then ya gotta read this.

New Fonts

Fullfilling (optimistikally) his (Bill Gates) promise of better Human Komputer Interfacing, Mikrosoft has announced six new fonts to be available in 2006. all the respektive font designers seem to be going ga-ga over there kreations being warm, friendly, robust, sturdy, workhouse, informal, flexible, versatile, less cuddly, more assertive n what not (yeah we`re still talking about fints here). n yeah, although i might not be the right one to komment here, failing to understant or extrapolate the difference b/w serif n sans serif type fonts, as an end user atleast i fail to see the difference. n if ur still intrested. read more here.

Tool turns English to code

thats waht the artikle heading reads. it is afterall the holy grail in terms of the evolution of programing languages - the ability to write kode in natural languages. to quote
Writing software has been relatively difficult since people began programming computers in the mid-1900s. Although programming a computer is eminently useful -- it gives you fine control of a powerful tool -- it requires learning a programming language. Formal computer programming languages are difficult to write and inflexible, said Hugo Liu, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This makes them "quite a pain to debug and maintain," he said. "Hence the task of programming is rendered inaccessible to the general public."

im not sure about the 'diffikult to maintain'. if Mr. hugo finds it diffikult to maintain java source kode im not sure how he would fare when he would have to deal with the same amount of english source kode. writing kode in english is like writing a story. just think about the numerous multiple interpretations possible outtof the story. one might end up producing unique exekutables every time one kompiles. that would be easy to maintain, right Mr. Hugo. the artikle starts on a positive note but then gets into the more realistik state of affairs. the first signs of the diffikulties involved in achieving the target outlined.
Natural languages like English, on the other hand, are universally accessible, said Liu. "Natural language is so semantically rich and flexible that if it could be computationalized as a programming language, maybe everyone could write programs," he said.

the semantik richness(basikally this boils down to the ability or capability to komunikate a large measure of information using less energy(bits n bytes here)) and flexiblity(the ability to kommunikate/interpret diffferent information throught the same string literals and vice versa) of natural languages are their greatest strengths and hence used as 'natural languages'. but as is the kase with eternity, ones strength is also ones weakness. the very reasons coz of which natural languages are used for kommunikation would never allow them to be used as computer languages unless computers had the same arkitekture as that of the human brain. does that mean that languages need not evolve any more since the holy grail is teknikally impossible? the idea is to mimik the deterministik transformation process used by the human brain in writing formal program languages so that mankind is exkused of the extra burden. in other words design komputer languages to be as intutive as possible at the same time preserving the strikt syntaktik and semantik strukture required. the artikle further highlights the issue as
Seeing language translated to logical code on-the-fly made the users more conscious of their communicative precision, said Liu. The subjects' quickly began using language that was simple and declarative, which, in turn, improved the usefulness of the system for brainstorming and outlining, he said.

deklarative huh??

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


test again

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