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Monday, November 28, 2005

n yew thought all browsers supported JavaScript

brain.delete[:JavaScript] if brain.has_key? :JavaScript
brain.delete[:javaScript] if brain.has_key? :javaScript
brain.delete[:java_script] if brain.has_key? :java_script
brain.delete[:javascript] if brain.has_key? :javascript
brain.delete[:JS] if brain.has_key? :JS
brain.delete[:js] if brain.has_key? :js

k. now we start afresh. first sun n netskape released something called JavaScript. n coz mikrosoft is an expert at kloning it introduced a 'roughly' compatible language kalled JScript. later JavaScript was submitted for standardization n thus it bekame ECMAScript. n now browsers are trying to bring in diversity in supporting different versions of ECMAScript either fully or partially.
  • Gekko n KHTML based browsers use JavaScript (ECMAScript-262 rev3) (mozilla n firefox klaim to partially support JavaScript 1.6)
  • IE uses JScript (ECMAScript-262 rev3)
  • Opera allows for ECMAScript-262 rev3 with both JavaScript n Jscript extensions
  • ASP.Net allows for JScript.Net (ECMAScript-262 rev3)
  • Flash uses ActionScript (ECMAScript-262 rev3). (ActionScript klaims to support spex that are still in early draft phases of ECMAScript; hence it is yet to be seen if they kan remain in synk)
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